U.K.F. Kid's Camp Marietta
        U.K.F. Kid's Camp Marietta

Give your kids the skills they need to succeed in life through our Premier Karate and Character Development Program.


Each school day your child will be picked up and transported back to our school. They will have time for a brain break, snack and reading.  Next they will have a character lesson or fun drills on information to help them in their current rank.

After that, they will change and have thier karate training. After class is over they will  begin thier homework or play fun games with thier friends in our ASP room. 



Karate motivates children to learn valuable life lessons

like focus, self - control, respect, self - improvement

& perseverance!


Already a student in our karate program? No problem! You are going to love the extra benefits your child will get! In addition to the homework assistance your child will get when karate lessons are not in session, they will also be doing fun drills with karate terms and other information on their own rank level, that will help them to excel in our karate program.


Helping kids become better versions of themselves in a fun and loving enviroment is our #1 goal!


We have programs from 2 to 5 days per week avaliable.

Space is limited!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools do you pick up from?


Rocky Mount Elementary

Addison Elementary

Kincaid Elementary

Davis Elementary

Bells Ferry Elementary

Sawyer Road Elementary

Nicholson Elementary

Mountain View

Simpson Middle School


If your school is not on our list, please contact us to find out about adding it to our route.


What time can I pick up my child?


You may pick up any time before 6:00 pm or after their karate class has ended. Karate class times and days are based on age and skill level. Please ask about your child's schedule when signing up. An additional charge of $1 per minute will incur after 6:00pm.


How many karate classes does my child get per week?


Your child will get 2 to 5 classes per week depending on the program in which they are enrolled. For those choosing 3 + days, Fridays are always obstacle based and a fun and active way to start off the weekend, while continuing their karate training.


Does my child need to bring their uniform each day they have karate class?


No. You may bring their uniform every Monday. They will have a designated place to store their uniform and gear. Everything should be taken home every Friday to be cleaned for the following week.


Will my child earn different belts?


Absolutely! Your child will be attending normal karate classes along with our non-campers. They will receive more in depth understanding of what they should know for each rank. This will help them excel in their classes plus learn valuable character lessons that will help them for everyday life success.


Do you provide snacks?


We provide one snack after they are picked up from school. If your child has a later class time, you are encouraged to send an additional healthy snack or meal to refuel them before their karate lesson.


Does my child need to be potty trained?


Yes. We are not a daycare program. All students attending the after school program will need to be self sufficient in going to the bathroom and changing into their uniform. We will provide assistance in tying their uniform and belt once dressed.


Do you offer pick up on half days and school holidays?


In some cases, yes. Please see our schedule for complete details of when we are open.


Promoting Health and Fitness Everyday!

Kid's Camp Marietta

2745 Sandy Plains Road

Marietta, Georgia 30066


Phone: 678-560-4046

Email: kidscampmarietta@gmail.com


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